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New Program!

Art Buddy Mentorship Program

Do you have a friend with whom you like to do art?  Someone who inspires you and keeps you going?  For those of you who prefer to do art in pairs, we offer a special art mentorship program - work with a professional artist and teacher, either online using zoom or in-person if you live in Ithica, New York or Portland, Oregon.  Meet once a month on your schedule to keep you both going, to help you get your art to the next level.  Split the fee to make private instruction affordable for you, and work with a buddy who will keep you accountable!  

Lado Pochkhua.jpg
Lado Pochkhua.jpg

Meet Your Teacher:  Lado Pochkhua

Lado is a professionally trained artist and printmaker originally from the Republic of Georgia.  He currently lives in Ithica, New York with his family, and is available to teach in-person in Ithica, or live online using zoom.  He's been shown and collected internationally, and is a popular teacher in our online Sunday Art Atelier program on zoom.

Meet Your Teacher:  Leah Kohlenberg

Leah Kohlenberg is an artist and teacher (and founder of The Roaming Studio), currently based in Portland, Oregon.  She has lived and taught art worldwide, and her paintings have been featured in public and private collections internationally.  She is available to teach both live on zoom or in-person in Portland, Oregon

LEAH a.jpg
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