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Art Classes for Team Building, Health and Wellness

Art for the Workplace

Everyone can learn to draw and paint, and many people mistakenly THINK they can't.  That's the power of art classes for your employees - they'll experience visual skill building they never thought possible, while connecting with their colleagues in a creative, expanding environment.  Watch your staff make the connection between creativity and innovation.  We offer both in-person and online single corporate retreats and team-building classes, or you can enroll your employees in our ongoing weekly online art classes, where they can join in with online art students around the world. 

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In-Person Events 

Our network of teachers can travel to your office, or find a space for your employees to meet and do an art class.  All levels welcome,snacks, meals, and art supplies are provided, flexible booking options available.  Contact us for a price quote! 

Online Events

Are you all over the country or world?  Gather your folks together in a live, online art class!   For individual team-building events, or subscribe your employees to join in weekly online art classes with other students and companies worldwide.  All classes are taught live by experienced art professionals, designed to work with students at all experience levels, and are ensured to make your employees smile with their progress!  Contact us for a price quote on your project.

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