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Live online art classes, all year
Find your next art class here and start creating

So you've been wanting to learn art.  Do this from the comfort of your home, and your own studio.   Take live classes or book private lessons (see our drawing and painting boot camps) with teachers committed to your success.

All our classes are live, sychronis and online (meaning there is a teacher and students live with you) each week. The  teacher will walk you through projects and assist you during class.  Classes are ongoing and you can drop in and out as you please, but are also loosely divided by quarter.  We've also added a new art class for motivated tweens (11- to 13-year-olds).


The Winter quarter goes from Jan. 9-March 26, 2023.  We use Whatsapp Messenger to deliver critique during class, please download that on your phone if you plan to join in classes.  CLICK HERE FOR THE 2023 WINTER QUARTER SCHEDULE.

Class start times vary depending upon where you live in the world, The website will update you automatically when you register (so click a link below to find out when the class starts for you).  For those who prefer paper, you can download and print the Winter Quarter 2023 art class schedule